This is what it cost one Real Estate agent in Sydney’s west recently for trying to cut corners and do it on the cheap!

Ironically the $63.00 saved to the landlord, cost the agent $200k in compensation. The judge’s ruling stated that the agent was in charge of all repairs & management of the property and should have enforced a correct code of practice with their Property Management team.

It is their responsibility to engage the services of an appropriate trades person with the right Australian Standards knowledge. In this case the agent employed the services of a local handy man and NOT a qualified glazier.

So to help protect you, I have put together a couple of basic rules you need to know when contracting the services of someone to install and/or replace glass in the following areas (the following is straight out of the Australian Standards Handbook, As1288-2006).

Door Glass or Glass in Doors:

  • All glass in doors must be safety glass
  • All glass within 1.2 metres of the door must also be safety glass.


All glass in stairwells must be safety glass


  • All glass up to 2 metres in height from floor must be safety glass.

Windows in homes:

  • Any window with a measurement of above 0.8 of one square metre must now be a minium 4mm thick unless it is located at less than 500mm from the floor, when then it will need to be a minium 5mm thick.

Commercial Premises:

  • All glass must be safety glass

Now you have the information required I suggest you look at some invoices relating to glass & shower screens and check to see if your handyman/glazier has left you with a potential law suit.

If you are still unsure please call us and we can discuss further with you or even come out and check. We are an Australian Standards Certified & Licensed company. We also have a Zero litigation policy, meaning we do it properly the first time!!

Is doing Cheap & Nasty like flushing money down the loo?

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