Attention Property and Strata Managers, we are sorry for being a bit harsh here – but we need to warn you about the risks and dangers of not having proper glazing that conform to the Australia Standards. If you aren’t using us, our big question for you is:

+ Are your Glazing Contractors Qualified?

If the answer is no or you are unsure, then you are potentially putting innocent people, your tenants, your landlords and yourself and risk of litigation.

One disturbing case is “Giner V Public Trustee” as straight from AGGA website:

“An eleven-year old girl fell through the door of a flat, which had been built prior to 1970. Her cuts were so deep as to almost sever her leg. In awarding damages of $139,058, Judge Mildren rejected the Defence that the flat was glazed to the standards pertaining at the time. He confirmed that the relevant factors are those existing at the time of the accident”

What is the moral of this case?

+ All Glazing / Glass must confirm to AS1288.
+ All parties have a ‘duty of care’ to provide a safe environment.
+ All glass products must be ‘fit for purpose’.
+ Disregarding these rules could lead to expensive awards for damages.

Children, Sharp Glass and Litigation!

If you are unsure of whether your Properties confirm to these standards, consult us at Liverpool Glass. We are happy to assist with a free on-site inspection and give you a report of any recommendations.

Liverpool Glass will NEVER use cheap imported glass and non-compliant materials. We are an active member of the Glass and Glazing Association of Australia (“AGGA”) and our tradesmen and quality confirms to Australian standards.

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