Glass on buildings is as common and well-known as pen and paper. But what about using glass for interior features? Many businesses are opting for glass as a chic way of improving boring spaces with glass doors, shelves, partitions & curtain walls; this expands the look of the space and opens the room to more natural light, amongst other benefits. At Liverpool Glass, we specialise in all types of window repair and glass repair in Sydney, from residential to corporate. With a wide range of advantages like boosting employee productivity and well-being, consider letting in some natural light with our eco-friendly and fire-rated glass entrances, storefronts, and curtain walls. Here’s why glass should be your first choice when constructing some interior features in your store renovations, and how our professionals at Liverpool Glass can help.

Less environmental impact

With modern glass technology, an array of reinforced, insulated, glazed and laminated glass has taken Glass from fragile to the first choice in modern construction projects. First off, it’s fantastic at keeping the heat out in the hot, Australian summers; using the power of reflection! This means your space stays nice and cool without using up a ton of energy! Which is always a cost-effective win for renovators of all financial backgrounds. Alternatively, in the winter it’s great at trapping the sun’s warmth, so your employees and customers can stay cozy and insulated without cranking up the heat. Due to these perks, glass is the first choice in National Green’s standards for environmentally effective building material, with features like visual light transmission, solar factor, U-Value, and internal reflection, which can make your building more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Natural light

Ever had to work or shop in a cramped, dark building? Not only does it have negative effects on customer satisfaction, employee comfort, productivity, and even how successful your company may be, Forbes states that “bad lighting is associated with a range of ill-health effects, both physical and mental”. By hiring a glass company Sydney to install glass features in your building, as simple as a storefront door or curtain wall, you ensure that the shop doesn’t feel unnecessarily cramped or isolating and that enough external light is coming in to make the interior space look brighter and more welcoming. Glass is naturally reflective, so by having glass features we ensure light is constantly bouncing around and lighting up the space it’s in. By making our workspaces and interiors brighter with natural light, studies show that employee productivity and well-being are boosted, which could positively impact sales potential. Good lighting has positive effects on customer experience and satisfaction. This also means we don’t have to rely on artificial lighting as much, saving energy and lowering the electricity bill. Even within Shopping centres, allowing external artificial light to come in can drastically decrease expenditure on energy in the long term.

Newly Durable material

In past decades, glass was not seen as a reputable construction material, especially for features like doors and walls. People didn’t trust the idea because Glass was notorious for its fragility. But things have changed! Whilst there is still thinner glass that is prone to breakage in household items like cups and trinkets, nowadays we have strong glazing and reinforced solutions that are widely accessible; at Liverpool Glass, we provide a variety of glass types and services for all your glass needs including safety glass, reinforced glass, laminated glass and its application to glass features like laminated glass for doors, shelves, walls & partitions. This lightweight material will no longer have you running to a glass repair company and retains its highly regarded qualities such as its beauty and ability to bring in natural light. This evolution of stronger glass in the glass industry has completely transformed its use in construction. Its applications have multiplied tenfold, and now you can find glass being used as a marker of modern innovation in furniture and interior features!

Beautifies your Building.

Glass as a design material is taking the spotlight in sustainable, chic designs today. With its generally sleek and stylish concept, glass in storefronts and interior features is a symbol of financial security and modernity! Think clean lines, geometric styles, open spaces, and huge glass walls that expand the size and vibrancy of a room. The glass look isn’t just about looking good — it reaps functional benefits through its aesthetics.

Closing thoughts

With your new understanding of the benefits of glass features: from its innate beauty to its eco-friendly properties, feel confident in your renovation choices with glass features. Especially with new waves in glass reinforcement and technology, you won’t need to rely on just any glass repair company to do emergency glass repair Campbelltown.

But if you do – Get our variety of glass types and services done by our professionals at Liverpool Glass. Contact us at Liverpool Glass today for any of your glass installation or glass repair needs.

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