Would you know what to do if you came home to a broken window?

It’s a nightmare scene. You’ve just returned home to find a broken window and some of your possessions missing. You call the police immediately, maybe even your home insurance provider. Now what to do about that damaged window? For your piece of mind – and your home’s security – the next call after a horror home break-in should be to a glazier to arrange a prompt window replacement.

The crime statistics tell a cautionary tale

The upside of the Covid-19 pandemic was a sharp fall in many crime statistics, including break and enters. Until recently, that is. Recent crime statistics show that in some areas, rates of break and enter remain high.

More than 4% of Australian households experienced at least one break-in, or attempted break-in, in the last 12 months. So if you were unlucky to become an unfortunate crime statistic, would you know what to do?

Can you repair broken glass or should you replace the window?

Once the shock of a home break-in has subsided, the reality sets in. The first step is to carefully clean the glass left behind and secure the opening. Then you’re left wondering if can you replace the glass or should you replace the window? Ideally, if it is just the glass that has been smashed, you can have your window reglazed without having to replace the window frame too. If you’re unsure, contact a glazier for advice about window repairs in Sydney.

Unfortunately, residential glass repair is not the same as a windscreen repair which uses a special resin. Due to its size and the make-up of the glass, home windows cannot be repaired in the same way.

It’s time to call in the professionals

You don’t want to leave your home sitting vulnerable with a broken window. Not only will you be impacted by the weather but you may also be at risk of another theft. Contact a professional glazier without delay for a window glass replacement.

At Liverpool Glass, we can cut and fit window glass to the exact size of your frame or we can provide the glass and advice as part of our DIY service.

Emergency glass repair: when you need help in a hurry

If it is after hours and that broken window poses a security risk, you need an immediate fix.

For an urgent window repair or window replacement, Liverpool Glass offers convenient 24/7 emergency customer service.

And ask us about our impact-resistant glass which offers superior protection and resistance.

Emergency Glass Repair