Tips and Tricks for the best-looking windows in your street with 4 easy steps.

Had an emergency glass repair completed and now your new brilliant and sparkly window outshines the rest of your windows at home?

Don’t worry! Just follow our simple process to bring your other windows up to shape. At Liverpool Glass we are the go-to business for Emergency Glass Repair in Sydney, and we pride ourselves on offering the best glass repair service – 24 hours / 7 days.

With the current rainy weather outlook here to stay a while longer your windows might be in desperate need of some TLC. No one likes mouldy windows covered in dirt and pollution. Get in on your spring cleaning early and let your windows shine.

Step 1: Choose the right day to clean.

Winter is the perfect time to get in and clean those mouldy, dirty windows. If you choose a day that’s too hot your cleaning solution will dry before you even get the chance to remove the spray – leaving unattractive hard to remove streaks.

Step 2: Get rid of the Dirt

Sweep or vacuum any dirt from the frame. Take off your flyscreens and give those a good hose and bush. If your glass is especially grimy, we use hot water with some dishwashing liquid. Window tracks get especially grubby – an old toothbrush followed by the vacuum is useful to remove dirt in the tracks.

Step 3: Spray liberally

There are lots of window cleaners on the market, but we find the DIY Glass cleaner works just as well and is very simple to make. There’s really no need to use chemicals and toxins with our budget friendly natural cleaning recipe.

We use:
2 cups Water (or distilled water)
½ cup =White Vinegar
¼ cup Rubbing Alcohol – (ISOCOL or similar)
Few drops of Lemon Essential Oil (optional)

Pop everything into a spray bottle and you are ready to go. White vinegar is a natural mould killer so it’s great for killing any mould spores that may be on the glass. Then spray your windows with a generous amount of cleaner.

Step 4. Wipe

We use microfibre cloths to wipe the windows after the spray. Outside glass sometimes needs two wipes to clean away the outside dirt. Don’t skip on the spray and make sure you have plenty of clean rags for the job. Sometimes you might need to look at the window and have another wipe to remove any streaks or marks. Buffing with a clean soft microfibre cloth is the best way to remove those streaks. Alternatively, you can use a Squeegee to wipe the glass, but it does require some skill for a streak free finish.

Windows have Fine Scratches?

Some fine scratches on the glass can be seen over time from general wear and tear or even from overzealous pets pawing at the window. If you are concerned reach out to us, we offer glass repair and can give you the best advice on a solution that fits your homes unique windows style no matter what their age or condition.

Step 5: Pop up your screens and replace your curtains

The final step is just popping everything back together. Then make yourself a cuppa and sit down with your feet up to enjoy the beautiful view through your clear and clean windows.

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