I am very proud to be part of Liverpool Glass and if I may, I would like to share with you a quick yet powerful act of contribution by my boss the owner of Liverpool Glass Jeff Gough.

“Goughy” as we call him at the office after a long day on the road was very touched by a “60 Minutes” reporting episode he saw about families and Autistic Children.  In this episode it was talking about how you can use an iPad as a “Speech Aid”.  That is, autistic non-verbal children who can’t speak can type in powerful messages on their iPad and communicate effectively with their family for the first time.

Jeff as a father of 2 healthy girls was blown away by this story and driven by his need to assist his community, he started a donation campaign (funded heavily by himself) from his business colleagues across BNI and 4Networking to get some funds together to help out disadvantaged children in Liverpool.

Jeff got together enough funds to purchase 3 of the latest iPads and he donated them to Grace Favia at Autism Advisory Services (Liverpool).   Grace then gave these iPads to the children and families that needed them the most.

“Goughy” giving the gift of speech

The results have been amazing; just imagine a child being able to speak to their Mother, Father, Siblings and Grandparents for the first time?
It was amazing watching Jeff “Goughy” change lives and contributes beyond anything else (poor Goughy is also on a massive diet now to recover from a well-deserved Christmas Break .

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it’s not directly about glass – so I will hit you with some exciting glass related topics next month.

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