Most DIY jobs around the house are safe – you can’t do too much damage replacing a leaky tap or unblocking a drain. And certainly there’s an element of satisfaction when you can happily tick off a repair job that you’ve completed yourself. Glass replacement is not one of them. There is no satisfaction to be gained when you’ve sustained a serious injury replacing a broken window or repairing a crack in the glass. While the DIY market booms, some jobs are best left in the hands of the experts – including the glazier.

Don’t risk a DIY disaster

DIY enthusiasts should know their boundaries. You might be handy with a hammer but you wouldn’t start swinging it at the walls of your home; that’s what builders are for. And so it goes for any glass repairs around the home – you should consult a professional glazier before you go about cutting, installing or removing glass. It may seem harmless to learn some DIY skills on YouTube, but DIY glazing is risky business. At best, the job looks poor; at worst, you’re left questioning its structural integrity or even risk serious harm.

Home handyman vs licenced professional

Working with glass is dangerous business so it beggars belief that a glazing licence is not compulsory across all parts of Australia. In NSW, amateurs can legally carry out glazing work around the home if the value of the project is less than $5000. That means a DIY enthusiast can lawfully install glass in windows, door panels or screens without the proper know-how.

But just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

The Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) – a voice for glazing industry professionals – has implored the NSW Government to take a stronger stance on the licencing issue, arguing “glass is a dangerous product” which, left in the hands of “inappropriately trained or qualified persons … introduces a level of risk”. By way of example, the AGWA said a novice could replace a single glazed panel in a door or balustrade – a structure that carries the same capacity to injure or kill a member of the public if it was improperly specified. The AGWA said that sort of risk to human life “does not make sense”.

At the very least consult a professional glazier

A professional glazier has the skills, experience and knowledge of the many different types of glass available and the best kind to use depending on your project (think laminated, toughened, double glazing etc to name a few).

It’s important to also note your application must meet the relevant Australian Safety Standards and a licenced glazier would be across the latest regulations and standards.

There is a place for budget-friendly DIY projects and if a small home glazing job is on your radar, first speak to a licenced glazier about purchasing the correct product as well as some professional tips and handy advice – it just could save you.

Experience matters

Before you strap on the tool belt, remember that some jobs are simply best left to the professionals. Liverpool Glass offers specialist residential glass replacement and emergency glass repair services across Sydney. We guarantee our products and services and only use skilled, licenced technicians. Prioritise your safety and contact the professionals.

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