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The finest frosted glass in Sydney

Liverpool Glass provides high-quality frosted glass products and repairs throughout Sydney. This glass is a type of glass which has been sandblasted or acid-etched to create a translucent effect. It distorts and blurs images but can still transmit light.

Using Frosted Glass in your home or office

Frosted glass can be used in many ways both inside and outside the home, including windows, internal doors, external doors, sliding doors, pantries, cupboards, and bi-fold doors. Frosted glass windows and doors are a great option for homes as they are both practical and attractive. And because the translucent glass only allows silhouetted images through, it is the perfect solution for people wanting privacy as well as light and heat into a room.

To compliment any décor, Liverpool Glass also offers totally or partially frosted glass for windows or doors to create patterns which are both decorative and design-orientated. Etched frosted windows and doors are a great addition to homes, offering a unique style and aesthetic finish, and the team at Liverpool Glass will design products to suit the needs of every client.

What to consider when choosing your frosted Glass

However, while this type of glass can be used in numerous ways in both homes and offices when choosing frosted windows or doors for bathrooms, people need to consider the fact that it is not completely opaque – which means outlines are still noticeable.

The team at Liverpool Glass provides clients with the best frosted glass in Sydney, helping them achieve the special effects they’re after. The company’s quality products and innovative techniques will ensure clients get the result they want – whether it be privacy, or highlighting the home or office by recreating key features or getting a professional look.

Frosted glass, when installed correctly and is well looked after, becomes a stunning feature which guarantees to increase a property’s real estate value.

So, when you need to have frosted glass repaired promptly …..or urgently, call the specialists at Liverpool Glass as they can tackle all glass repair jobs.

For all your glass needs, call Liverpool Glass first. Our friendly and efficient staff is on hand 24 hours, 7 days a week to help you. Contact us today on (02) 9607 6566.

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