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Glass doors add a touch of sophistication to any office, shop or home. You’ll find a range of striking options at Liverpool Glass. We do:

  • Door repair
  • Installation and adjustment
  • Glass replacement for doors
  • Repair and replacement of floor and concealed overhead door closers

Glass doors for your home

Our doors come in different styles – all of which prioritise safety, while remaining pleasing to the eye.

Laminated glass is safer than average glass, making it the ideal option for domestic sliding doors. In the event of breakage, this glass actually stays together in one piece (instead of shattering everywhere). This prevents the risk of injury to you and your family.

But it’s not all about safety – laminated glass also serves an aesthetic purpose. In fact, architectural projects often use glass doors to give houses a modern edge.

Although we guarantee the highest quality products, sometimes accidents happen that are beyond your control. If a glass breakage does occur, contact Liverpool Glass for a fast, affordable and reliable replacement that only comes with years of experience.

Glass doors for your business

Our team specialises in commercial glass services for businesses such as office buildings, office parks, shopping centres, malls, schools and stores.

We cater to all your business needs by providing laminated and insulated glass, custom glass cuts, replacements, installation services and repairs.

Our product range includes commercial entrances, shopfront doors, frosted glass and other options that make your venue look modern and professional at the same time.

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