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Mirror glass replacement and installation in Sydney

The team at Liverpool Glass specialises in all types of glass, as well as repairs, replacement and installation, from windows and doors to mirrors and shower screens.

Mirrors are the combination of a piece of glass and a reflective coating which is usually attached to the bottom of the glass and is most often made from nontoxic silver or aluminium. Because of the decorative and practical character of mirrors, today’s homes are filled with them – from bathroom and wardrobe mirrors to designer and built-in mirrors. Glass mirrors have many uses in the home or office, including highlighting a special area, making small spaces appear larger, brightening dark areas, or as a special feature. Liverpool Glass will work with clients to help them turn their ideas into reality and achieve the result they want.

However, while a lot of skilled work goes into the fabrication of a mirror to ensure its reflection stands the test of time, they will still chip, crack or break. Lengthy exposure to moisture will also cause the edges of mirrors to deteriorate and become cloudy and black. When mirrors need to be replaced, call the helpful and experienced team at Liverpool Glass. A specialist will organise your glass replacement promptly – anywhere in Sydney.

For all your glass needs, call Liverpool Glass first. Our friendly and efficient staff is on hand 24 hours, 7 days a week to help you. Contact us today on (02) 9607 6566.



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To ensure your mirrors’ maximum lifespan, the team at Liverpool Glass recommends cleaning the face of your mirror with a soft cloth and a couple of drops of methylated spirits. Abrasive cleaners should never be used.
And, very importantly, if your mirror looks old and cloudy, don’t throw it out. Take it to Liverpool Glass for a mirror glass replacement and salvage a cherished décor piece!

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