According to Australia standards, you can use regular Float Glass on a second floor child’s bedroom. Kids however often use their bed like a trampoline.

In this case, think of a child bouncing on their bed next to a window and say one bounce propels them through the window.  Depending on the Glass Product Type, the consequences can vary significantly:

Float Glass – Breaks into large sharp splinters that falls to the ground outside along with the child.

Toughened Glass – Breaks into small fragments that falls to the ground outside along with the child.

Laminated Glass – It will break, but the vinyl interlayer will hold it in the frame, causing the child to “Safely” bounce off, back onto the bed.

Even though the Australian Standards will accept the use of Float Glass, we would recommend putting Child Safety beyond cost and using Laminated Glass.

We at Liverpool Glass think outside the box and make sure you use the right glazing to suit the right room, location and circumstances, whilst in many cases exceeding regulatory requirements.

The Child’s Trampoline Example?

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