An exciting dining experience needs more than just a delicious meal. For that purpose, restaurants are now turning into architectural masterpieces.

Out of those exterior design marvels, glass restaurants are the most dazzling and spectacular. With door and window replacement, restaurants are heading towards the glass, to offer a more delightful experience to their guests.

Most Gorgeous Glass Restaurants Across the World

If you are planning to revamp your restaurant setting by adding some glass aesthetics, we have some noteworthy inspirations listed for you.

Take a look at some of the most gorgeous glass restaurants in the world – they are worth the trip too!

1. De Kas, Amsterdam

Captivating view of canal and garden from your table, at De Kas the scene out from the glasses is pleasing. It is one of the top-rated restaurants in Amsterdam.

It is an original municipal nursery structure of 1926, which had greenery and flora for the city. It was about to demolish, but luckily chef Gert Jan Hageman gave it life again. The restaurant has its garden to grow vegetables and all other required ingredients. One cannot ignore the freshness of handpicked ingredients from the garden around.

2. Sky Garden, London

It is a great dining place in London – Sky Garden is worth your money!

Located on the top of a wonky-shaped building, this diner setting is something unusually pleasing. It is a glass dome of three floors over 500 feet in the sky. From the top, you can behold the ultimate view of London while enjoying your scrumptious meal.

The delicious taste of food here matches the scene. You can find a variety in their menu from cocktails to dessert to tingle your taste buds.

3. Ocho, San Antonio, Texas

Ocho situated in a glass conservatory. The building is of Mediterranean revival–style, built by a self-made grocer in 1914.

The restaurant is strategically designed to get the maximum spotlight of the sun on the dishes. The turquoise-polished steel beams complement the restaurant interior. It is so beautifully bright that it hardly required to lighten up the chic chandeliers in the daytime.

4. Eberly, Austin, Texas

Discover Eberly – a beautiful dining area with glass windows on either side so that dinners can have a look at all the happenings out and around. Celestial windows across the ceiling, drizzle light on the tables makes a view to behold. The beautiful sight adds more taste to your contemporary American cuisine.

5. Nuestro Secreto, Buenos Aires

Nuestro Secreto is a secret garden restaurant close to the side of the Four Seasons Hotel, Buenos Aires, in the posh La Recoleta district.

It’s a combination place of the early 20th-century mansion and modern European-style glamourous comfort. Ideally, it is believed to be the best place for friends and family for barbecue gathering. Because of the throughout glass structure, you can feel the joy of the outdoors sitting from inside. The food is also widely-acclaimed – if you are a connoisseur who loves to eat food in a grand style, this place is your go-to destination.

Summing up, all these glass restaurants are architectural wonders.

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