Your bathroom is looking a little tired and you think updating the shower screen will truly transform the space. And you’ve decided you can handle the DIY project yourself.

While installing a shower screen may seem simple enough, the process is both difficult and delicate – definitely one for the professionals.

So a word of warning before you go it alone: resist the urge to install a shower screen on your own. Here’s three reasons why.

Hands off if you don’t know the rules

You’ve come across a budget price flat pack shower screen you can install yourself. But then you discover the sizing is all wrong and now your shower leaks. Welcome to the typical DIY project nightmare.

A professional glazier is qualified and licensed to accurately measure your shower space, and most importantly take into account uneven and out of square walls and floors.

And when it comes to installation, they understand strict Australian Building Standards and adhere to the rules for glass installation so your new shower screen is compliant.

Don’t compromise your safety

Did you know the Building Code of Australia requires shower screens be glazed in either toughened or laminated Grade A safety glass? It’s much tougher than conventional glass and less dangerous if it implodes.

At Liverpool Glass, we don’t skimp on quality. We choose to source our shower screens from Australian glass manufacturers that comply with Australian standards.

DIY could cost you more

If you’re motivated by saving money, be warned that the DIY route isn’t always the cheapest. A bungled self-installation job will cost you more when you have to purchase additional materials or hire a professional to correct your mistakes.

A professional glazier will accurately measure, expertly install and provide you with a warranty, giving you peace of mind the job is done right the first time.

What to do when things go wrong

if you don’t have the trade qualifications, ask yourself whether you are really equipped to tackle a shower screen installation on your own.

A professional glazier will save you time, money and plenty of frustration – and ensure your new shower screen is compliant, safe and durable.

Liverpool Glass can supply and install quality shower screens. We are also the emergency glass repair professionals.

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