Imagine your typical Sunday afternoon with your little ones revelling in play. Then suddenly, the tranquillity is broken by the unmistakable sound of glass shattering. You rush to the scene only to find your living room window is smashed by a rogue soccer ball on a mission to bend it like Beckham.

Whether it’s a playful game gone awry (like this kid using a window as a goalpost), or an unexpected mishap, discovering a broken window can be unsettling. So here’s your guide of what to do when you need immediate emergency glass repair assistance.

Tackle that broken glass

First things first, prioritise safety (and get rid of that damned ball!), because the protection of your loved ones is paramount. Broken glass poses a risk of injury, especially to children and pets so make sure you cordon off the area immediately. If there are any glass shards on the floor, carefully sweep them up using gloves and a broom and dispose of them properly.

Temporary fix with a twist

Assess the extent of the damage. If the breakage is minimal and contained to the glass itself, you can opt for a temporary fix using heavy-duty duct tape to cover the cracks in the glass. This makeshift solution can not only prevent any further splintering but also safeguards the area until a professional window repair can be arranged.

Time to call the professionals

Maybe you’re not so lucky and no amount of duct tape will work to fix this predicament. In that case, it’s time to reach out to a reputable glass repair service. Many glass repair professionals, including those that specialise in emergency glass repair Campbelltown, can offer immediate assistance. With their expertise and swift response, they can help assess the damage and provide suitable solutions.

Why you should leave this job to the experts

A professional glazier will ensure your replacement window is installed in adherence to the Australian standards, giving you peace of mind about the durability and safety of your newly installed glass. They can also offer you cost-effective repair solutions or even help with the often complex process of dealing with insurance claims.

Liverpool Glass will fix your broken window woes

The next time a playful game turns into a glass-related crisis, remember Liverpool Glass has you covered for all urgent window repairs in Sydney. You certainly won’t be the first parent calling them in need of emergency glass repair.

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