Safety glass is a crucial feature in modern construction, and its use goes beyond the automotive industries. It is a unique type of glass designed to be less prone to breakage. It also has additional safety features that make it less likely to cause injuries when broken.

Unlike traditional glass, safety glass is meticulously-crafted to minimise the risk of shattering into sharp fragments when broken. Safety glass is available in two common types: tempered and laminated glass.

In this piece, I will give more details about safety glass and everything you need to know about it, so keep reading!

Types of Safety Glass

For the longest time, residential and commercial properties in Sydney have been using ordinary glass. However, after the invention of the safety glass, Australian Standards now require this type of glass to be installed to prevent injuries.

The ordinary type of glass has long caused many injuries, especially when installed in high-risk areas prone to human impact. The case is different from safety glass because even when exposed to high impact, it will not cause any threat to the people around.

Now what are the common types of safety glass available?

Laminated Safety Glass

This type of safety glass is the most commonly used in residential and commercial buildings. It is made by placing a polyvinyl butyral ( PVB) layer between two or more glass lites. The PVB used can be clear or tinted with a thickness of .015” to .120.

The entire unit for making the laminated safety glass is fused together in heat and pressure. The PVB layer helps hold the glass in place and prevents it from shattering upon impact. The thickness and colour of the PVB interlayer vary, which enables the laminated glass to minimise the transmission of solar energy, control glare, and reduce UV radiation.

You will often find laminated safety glass in skylights,  partitioning, vehicle windshields, shopfronts, windows, and doors.

So, if you are tired of broken window repairs due to the use of ordinary glass, then it’s time for a change. Laminated safety glass will offer you the safety you need and guarantee longevity!

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, also known as toughened glass, is used in certain applications where laminated glass is not applicable. This type of safety glass is made by heating annealed glass uniformly and then cooling it by blowing air onto both surfaces simultaneously.

When broken, this glass fragments into many small, harmless pieces. Besides being this safe. Toughened glass is also preferred due to its high thermal resistance and strength.

You will find this glass in glass doors, shower screens, cooktops, splashbacks, low-level glass, and in semi frameless balustrades.

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Why Use a Safety Glass?

Better Safety

Installing safety glass in frameless glass doors in Sydney assures there will be little to no damage in case of breakage. For instance, tempered glass is shattered into small fragments that can barely cut anyone. For laminated glass, it retains the broken pieces, preventing the glass from shattering and causing harm.

Therefore if you require glass repair in Sydney, do not go for the normal glass! Opt for safety glasses for extra safety for your family, staff, and those around you.

Provide UV Protection

Safety glasses can block harmful Ultraviolet rays from reaching you indoors. They are, therefore, a great option if you want to maintain the quality of your interior furnishings. Additionally, it will safeguard the people occupying the building from the sun’s radiation, which can harm the skin.

Greater Security

Most safety glasses you will get in Campbelltown are strong and thick enough to provide resistance against breakage and impact. Most intrusion attempts on this type of glass are unsuccessful, so intruders cannot access the buildings or vehicles fitted with this type of glass.

Reduces Noise Transmission

If you want a glass that will help with sound insulation in your building, look no further than safety glass. Laminated glass is layered, therefore, is an effective barrier against sound waves. This creates a peaceful environment wherever they are installed.

Where to Use Safety Glass


Safety glass is widely used in the automotive industry to create windshields, side windows, sunroofs, and rear windows. They are a safety precaution and can withstand high impact in an accident.

So, if one of your car’s glasses is broken, seek glass replacement in Sydney and opt for either laminated or tempered glass.

Commercial and Residential Places

Safety glasses are becoming of significant use in both commercial and residential properties. They can be fixed on doors, windows, and skylights of such places to provide safety to the people around them.

Recreational Facilities

Most recreational facilities utilise safety glass to provide a secure, aesthetic-looking, enjoyable place. You can also find such glass in ice rinks and sports courts to protect the spectators.

Safety glass is a saviour in the current digital age and time. The glass ensures security and is visually appealing no matter where it’s installed. You can decide which safety glass to install in your space based on the purpose you want it to serve.

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